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TEL3214 - Computer Communication Networks


Last updated: 19-04-2017 10:30


Monday, 15th May: 10:00 - 12:00 hrs
Wednesday, 17th May: 09:00 - 10:00 hrs

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~Introduction odt

1 Introduction to Networking odt odp

2 Internetworking Models odt odp

3 Transmission Media - Fibre and Copper odt odp

4 Establishing a Network Training Emulator (NTE) odt odp

5 Switching odt odp

6 Internet Protocol v4 odt odp
Internet Protocol v6 odt odp

7 Routing - IPv4 via OSPFv2 odt odp
Routing - IPv6 via OSPFv3 odt odp
Routing - Border Gateway Protocol odt odp

7e IPv6 Routing - IPv6 worked example odt

A-1 IP Routing Lab Assignment odt tgz

8 Wireless LAN (WLAN) odt odp
Internet Protocol v6 odt

9 Applications odt odp

10 Network Security odt odp

11 Firewalls odt odp

12 Software Defined Networking odt odp
Paper by Ambrose Ahurra and Maathe Kamurali odt odp

App #1 Build NTE VM odt

App #2 Build NTE-SDN VM odt

NTE Network Training Emulator (NTE) www

KALI Kali Linux v2.0.0 (select: Prebuilt VirtualBox Images tab) www

FDL GNU Free Document License (FDL) odt

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